Klivie, Clivia, strap leaf, distribution areas, species and propagation

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Klivie, Clivia, Strap blade

Plants from South Africa

The clivia with the botanical name Clivia, also known in Germany as the strap leaf, has a long tradition in Europe. Originally from South Africa, it is known as Clivia after the botanical reorganisation after the Duchess of Northumberland (Lady Charlotte Florentine Clive). There are 6 species in South Africa. Cross-breeding has resulted in many hybrids which are characterised by many different flower colours. The leaves also vary in shape and colour - from short and broad to long and narrow. The colouring can appear with yellow longitudinal or transverse stripes.

Unfortunately, the clivia is no longer in great demand in Germany. In the USA, Australia, China or Japan, cultivated forms have been created which are hardly to be found in Europe. This may be due to the loss of many plants during the war years.

It is an ideal houseplant as it is almost insensitive to diseases and pests. However, if the air is too dry and wintering is too warm, it can become infested with spider mites. If the infestation is not recognised in time, the plant may suffer considerable damage. The infestation can be combated by increasing the humidity (closed plastic bag).

Mealybugs, which can be recognised by a cotton-like coating on leaves and shoot tips, may also appear in winter. The cause is too warm an overwintering period close to the heating. To avoid serious damage, immediate action must be taken against these pests.

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